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B.a.r.L.u.i.g.i. Fare arte a Barriera di Milano

Torino, martedì 20 novembre a Urban Center Metropolitano, ore 18.00


progetto contatti | alessandro bulgini

dal 12 marzo 2012 alessandro bulgini ha iniziato un nuovo progetto sulla sua pagina fan di facebook. una serie di fotografie scattate alle persone che l’artista incontra nel loro ambiente di vita o di lavoro vengono giornalmente pubblicate sotto forma di mosaico e aggiunte all’album “contatti”.
al termine del lavoro le fotografie verranno raccolte da facebook, stampate e conservate per una futura mostra su questo percorso della vita dell’artista fatto di “contatti”

il progetto comincia con la gente di barriera di milano a torino

bulgini fb fan page


contatti project | alessandro bulgini

from march 12, 2012 alessandro bulgini has started a new project on his facebook fan page. he takes a series of photographs of the people he meets in their working or living environment and daily publishes in the form of mosaic on fb, adding them, step by step, to the album “contacts”
once the work is finished photographs will be collected from fb, printed and stored for future shows on this path of life made up of “contacts”

the project begins with the people of barrier milan turin

bulgini fb fan page

alessandro bulgini | Francesco, (unemployed) | Barriera di Milano | Torino

Social-art, when Facebook becomes art
Cultural – hub 15 February, 2011

Like any self-respecting global phenomenon, also social networks attract the attention of the most creative people who usually succeed somehow to objectify and emphasize the vices and virtues of these beloved platforms. Facebook for example, in recent times, is a real test for many artists, and while many use it only for publishing images, other investigate on the very essence of the medium.
Alessandro Bulgini has repeatedly used Facebook to break up its image or document the passage of time through an on-line presence/absence on his profile. His aesthetic and conceptual inventions have literally opened up new prospects for the users of this popular medium. But Bulgini is not the only pioneer of these new artistic techniques.
During the Berlin festival Transmediale 11 (a must for electronic arts) the public’s attention has been catalysed by artist duo formed by Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio. The two hackers / artists have produced a work-art starting right from Facebook and privacy issues that flow from it. Ludovico and Cirio in the project “Face to Facebook” have in fact created an on-line dating site accessible at (now disabled) and then they have placed in the platform’s 250,000 stolen Facebook profiles, all via a special software they created.
Thanks to a new facial recognition system based on mathematical algorithms, the software classified therefore the profiles pictures on the basis of facial expressions. That was to remind Facebook users the consequences of posting personal information on a platform seen by anyone. In short, this also seems to be a further step towards an exciting new expressive technique.